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At Sundown

At Sundown
At Sundown


At Sundown: Shots in the Dark is a new-age top-down shooter game where players hide in the shadows and attack in the dark. The game itself is extremely fun to play with friends but our challenge was to craft strategy for a game that was unlike any other game players had experienced. All of that with a two week timeline to begin execution.


With our short timeline, we dug deep into the aspects of the game that made it truly unique and attractive to potential players. We settled on focusing on the hide-and-seek nature of the game and created content, website designs, and campaigns to showcase those features. Overall, the campaign drew a lot of attention and ended up helping At Sundown become one of the first exclusive games on the Discord marketplace.

CreateDevs was instrumental in helping us target the right audience and execute campaigns with efficiency, thoughtfulness, and drive.

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