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Captivating a niche audience for a sporting giant

Captivating a niche audience for a sporting giant


Adidas is one of the most recognized names in sportswear in the world and now has a strong footing in high-end fashion w/ celebrity partners like Kanye West and Bad Bunny. Their newest initiative took a dive away from the physical world of clothing and into the digital world of video games and online sports. Our goal was to create a campaign that showcased their brand within that realm to create digital apparel, characters, and athletes.


We jumped in by illustrating style frames and environments catered specifically for certain players and their respective sports. The likeness had to match just enough to be recognizable but also maintaining the animated integrity of the design. Using colors, styles, and shapes that embody the energy and exhilaration that sports bring to spectators we were able to craft graphics that could then be used to create actual characters within video games and other forms of content that Adidas could reuse for their campaign.

Working with CreateDevs was a blast. Not only were we able to see our vision come to fruition from idea to full-scale animation but we really enjoyed working with the team day-to-day to make this project a reality.

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